apparently, this is called a round ‘boule’

After a few years of claiming I’m ‘learning breadmaking’ by reading books and websites, then several more months of telling myself I’ll start after I find the ‘right recipe’ from this book, I finally got off my lazy butt and attempted one of the easier starting recipes. The one I chose was a Tuscan peasant bread, which simply called for a mix of all-purpose flour and whole-wheat flour as well as some yeast and water. Reason #2 I picked this was because it did not require a starter, which is a lesson I’m reserving for another day. Reason #3? I have yet to buy bread flour.

Since it was my first loaf of ‘real’ bread, every little thing that went according to the instructions was a mini-triumph.

Dough actually pulling away from the sides of the mixer?! –> Whoa!
Kneaded dough actually feels springy?! –> No way!
Dough actually rising double its volume?! –> *cue “Chariots of Fire”*