One of my favorite cooking sites is 101 Cookbooks. I’ve only tried about 5 or 6 of Heidi’s recipes so far but they have all proven to be delicious. Not only that, but the recipes are also super-accurate, which wins big points in my book.

The gnocchi recipe on 101 has been on my list for a while. Lucky for me, our veggie subscription recently started raining potatoes on us, so it was prime time to try it out. While these turned out great, I think next time, it would probably be better to buy starchier potatoes from the store instead of using the creamy varieties we get from the farm box.

We tossed the cooked gnocchi in some pesto we made a few days ago and topped with a bit of grated pecorino – yum! Too bad the pesto turned brown so it didn’t make for a very appetizing photo – thus, no cooked gnocchi photo for us. I figure they probably wouldn’t want to be remembered as being coated in a brownish sauce anyway.