Yes, it is finally happening… We’re moving to a shiny new (internet) home!

Mad props to my friend and fellow food-blogger Ben, who can be quite convincing when he wants to be. After he moved his own site, he’s been rooting for me to move rice and wheat, naming off one good reason after another. How can I resist??

So we are officially moving to a shiny new home over at!

There will probably be some wonkiness while the new site and the redirects get set up, so please bear with me.


October turned out to be as crazy as we had expected and perhaps even more. Our wedding was lovely and gorgeous (after some stressful last-minute drama involving mandatory evacuations, power outage, and mudslides resulting from the huge storm that hit the Santa Cruz mountains) and it was so wonderful to see all the people we love and party with them. Then we jetted away to Spain for two weeks and pretty much stuffed ourselves with as much jamón, little fried fishes, tapas/pintxos as possible.

But now we’re back and I’m plotting my first entry as a married woman…. and I think it’ll feature something with lots of butter and baking.

Until I get my act together though, maybe you would be interested in our food pictures from Spain??

Just want to pop in quickly to apologize for the silent treatment these past few weeks. Nathan and I moved into a new apartment at the start of the month and until this past weekend, we were still living out of boxes. Since a home littered with boxes is not so friendly to cooking projects, we’ve been eating out way too much lately. Hopefully, it won’t be long now before I can share more kitchen adventures with you – well, at least photographically, unless you want to come visit us in our new home!

Until then, stay warm. I suggest a soft pair of socks and a fluffy blanket while Nathan recommends his latest rye whiskey discovery, the Rittenhouse 100. (Hint: take both of our suggestions and you’ll have a pretty fine evening ahead of you.) Cheers!

I think this is my first non-recipe post, but it’s so fun I thought I’d share it anyway.

I learned about this from one of my favorite foodie sites, Serious Eats. Apparently, a blog called Very Good Taste published a list called Omnivore’s 100, where bloggers are asked to copy the list onto their blogs, bold the items they’ve tried, and strike out any they’re not willing to try.

Here’s mine — not bad, right? ;)